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Antonio Favuzzi

Antonio Favuzzi is Head Chef at L’Anima, the award winning Italian restaurant in the heart of the City of London.

True to the Italian tradition, Antonio Favuzzi (known as ‘Lello’) learnt to cook in his parents’ kitchen from an early age. Preparing and creating food for the whole family was an important part of everyday life for Favuzzi, who would regularly help his grandmother make fresh, home-made bread, focaccia, pasta, and more.

Favuzzi was born in Sassari, Sardinia on 25th September 1981 and grew up there with his Sicilian mother and Puglian father. He first realised he wanted to be a chef when a catering college approached his school looking for recruits and he signed up, after which he worked for two seasons at the five-star hotel, Cervo in Sardinia. Favuzzi’s next position was at La Gritta restaurant in Palau, Italy, following which he and a small team of fellow chefs and friends launched Santini restaurant in Milan.

His London journey began in 2003 when he began working as Sous Chef at restauranteur Alan Yau’s Anda in Marylebone. Following this, he worked at Franco’s on Jermyn Street, which won rave reviews. Favuzzi then moved to The Wolseley before joining the team as Sous Chef at former Corbin & King restaurant, St Alban. In 2008, he was part of the opening team at L’Anima as Sous Chef. In January 2014 he became Head Chef.

L’Anima means ‘soul’ in Italian, and the food that Favuzzi and his team produce is created with this passion in mind. The high-end menu is reflective of Moorish cuisine, with a focus on Southern, authentic dishes such as Sardinian Fregola and Seafood Malloreddus – his parents’ Sicilian and Puglian roots a notable influence in his cooking.