Chocs for Chance is not possible without the help of the incredible chefs and restaurant that make the chocolate boxes. The campaign is made even more successful with the support of our wonderful sponsors and supporters Keylink and Valrhona.


In 2016 and 2017, Keylink kindly donated the heart shape boxes to the campaign.

Established for over forty-five years, Keylink is the UK’s leading supplier of chocolate, ingredients, décor, equipment, accessories and packaging for chocolate work. They work with a wide range of suppliers across the globe, including Callebaut, CasaLuker, Cacao Barry and Veliche Gourmet and enjoy a number of exclusive relationships with brands such as IBC, GEMEF, Berrifine and Premium Gastronomie.

Keylink supply everything from alcohol concentrates, including brand names such as Griottines® and Cointreau®, to nuts, fruit powders and flavour drops, truffle shells to truffle fillings, cocoa butter food colourings to personalised transfer sheets and chocolate plaquettes. They provide a number of uniquely designed chocolate and confectionery boxes, as well as stocking a huge repertoire of folding and rigid boxes, ballotins, bags… even the ribbons needed for the final flourish! As well as supplying to businesses of all shapes and sizes – including sole traders – Keylink has an industrial division for large scale producers.

Lynne Eaton, Marketing Manager of Keylink says, “Keylink has a long history of encouraging young people into the catering and hospitality industry. We are delighted at this opportunity to support a charity whose values are so in tune with our own, and play a small part in helping the talents of disadvantaged young people to shine through.”

For more information on Keylink please visit their website here:

Supported by ValrhonaValrhona

Since the start of the campaign Valrhona have been on hand to offer their expertise.

Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer that has been supplying the finest gastronomy professionals since 1922. Created by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, the company devotes the entirety of its expertise and passion to purveying exceptional chocolates. For 90 years, confectioners, artisans, and restaurateurs from around the world have looked to Tain l’Hermitage to find unique chocolates essential to their creations

Valrhona researches and cultivates the rarest cocoas in the world. First comes the cocoa bean. Raw, pure, rare, far away. The one the sourcing specialist, an explorer of the most remote areas, scours the world for and tracks down in a certain area, or terroir. The one the grower, a true pioneer of unique tastes, toils over and watches mature on the plantation. The one Valrhona selects for its colour, flavour, and the special something that makes it unique in the world. Valrhona is an expert in exceptional cocoa beans. The provenance of Valrhona Grands Chocolates includes more than 15 countries around the world, from Venezuela to Madagascar to the Dominican Republic, and so on.

Valrhona ceaselessly enriches its range of exceptional chocolates. Since 1922, Valrhona has been creating fine chocolates with rich and unique flavour profiles. The combined experience and know-how of grower and sourcer has enabled the chocolate factory at Tain l’Hermitage to refine its knowledge of cocoa beans and control the processes of bean fermentation and drying in order to uncover even the subtlest of aromas. With finesse and diligence, Valrhona creates its innovative tastes by combining fine authentic cocoa beans, which originate from 15 different parts of the world, and teasing out the unique expressions of remarkable terroirs. Valrhona monitors the flavours throughout the entire chocolate manufacturing process. To control and ensure the quality of its creations, Valrhona calls upon the professionalism of 7 juries, comprised of 200 tasters, who dedicate 225 days per year to the task.

Excellence devoted to sustainable and harmonious development. For over 20 years, Valrhona has been dedicated to People, quality and the environment, as evidenced by the Great Place to Work designation and certifications obtained as a result of innumerable efforts. In 2006, the company created the Fondation Valrhona pour le Goût to intervene in the areas of education, environment, and social action. Valrhona’s commitments encompass seven directions. First, Valrhona is working to develop a sustainable cocoa sector in order to provide quality chocolates with exceptional flavours. For this, Valrhona focuses on building partnerships with suppliers and customers driven by CSR ambitions. Central to Valrhona’s considerations is fostering the development of employees and preserving essential natural resources by reducing impacts on the environment. The primary aim of the Chocolate Factory at Tain l’Hermitage is to serve gastronomy by preserving and enhancing the expertise essential to the art of making and perfecting chocolate in all its guises. Seeking to awaken all to the knowledge and wonder of chocolate, Valrhona wishes to transform each taster into a connoisseur. Finally, the company works tirelessly to economically and socially revitalise the communities neighbouring its sites.

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Martell and Bunzl

In 2017 we were sponsored by Martell and in 2016, Bunzl were our sponsors.