Chocolate description:

Dan and Silvia from Duck & Waffle join forces to offer us a unique ‘Pure Tahiti Vanilla and Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffles’: this chocolate bonbon is made for the chocolate lovers who love simplicity at its best. The filing is made from unrefined sugar and Tahiti vanilla that offers a long-lasting taste bringing childhood memories back to life. For the coating, pure caraibe chocolate gives the right fruitiness and acidity that balances with the rest of the composition. In addition, as a last decadent layer, a discreet crunchiness will leave you smiling and happy.
The very lucky winner of this delicious chocolate box will also receive a signed copy of Dan Doherty’s book ‘Duck & Waffle: Recipes and stories’. The perfect Valentine’s gift for the foodies in your life!

Dan Doherty

“Not many people have the luxury to do what they love. I am one of the lucky ones… As a chef, I have the opportunity to be inventive and create truly memorable experiences that resonate with people.”

Native Brit Daniel Doherty is well on his way to becoming one of the most prominent chefs on London’s culinary scene. Born and raised in Shrewsbury, a quaint town nestled on the English countryside, Doherty started his career while enrolled in The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts at an apprenticeship with Michelin stared 1 Lombard Street in London. Doherty is candid about the demands of 1 Lombard, comparing his training to that of the army under the rigorous leadership of “Sergeant major” Herbert Berger. In 2010, Caterer and Hotelkeeper published an article on “Chef mentors,” in which Berger referred to Doherty as his protégé, and Doherty praised Berger as his mentor. Doherty recalls, “I haven’t met anyone since who has that knowledge…It wasn’t all roses, but I don’t regret it – it was essential. Without a mentor you can slip too quickly between jobs… I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.” Having started as an apprentice, Doherty “graduated” 1 Lombard in 2005, as Chef de Partie after mastering classic cuisine.

Following 1 Lombard, Doherty experimented with modern cooking at Noble Rot. Soon after, he moved to his next challenge at Roux Fine Dining cooking Michelin star quality cuisine for private banking and wealth management clients of Coutts and UBS.

In 2008, Doherty accepted a Head Chef position at The Ambassador, a modern European restaurant in Exmouth Market. During this time, The Ambassador received 5 stars from Time Out London as well as a spot on London’s Top 50 Restaurants, earning two AA Rosettes. Shortly thereafter, Doherty welcomed the role of Head Chef at The Empress in Victoria Park, expanding his knowledge of modern British food. Doherty recalls, “I sourced meats from small country farms and had daily 5am visits to Billingsgate market to source the freshest fish and produce.”

In 2010, Doherty embraced a unique opportunity to open The Old Brewery, a restaurant and microbrewery located in Greenwich. The Brewery was welcomed with rave reviews, namely, 5 stars from Time Out London not to mention being nominated for Best New Restaurant (2010) and receiving Best British Restaurant (2011) and Best Brew Bar (2011) by Time Out London. Spearheading a British food renaissance, as Head Chef, Doherty crafted the Brewery’s artisanal menu. He sourced wild meats from Scotland, Ireland and the North of England and fresh produce from local markets. Evening Standard reminisced about their visit to the Brewery, describing Doherty’s Lemon Sole as “one of those taste bud tinglers [that] you start dreaming of as soon as it’s done” and the Beer Jelly as “gloriously succulent [and] sweetly bitter…” Here, Doherty reversed misconceptions about British food, demonstrating its amazing heritage.

Ready for a new challenge, Doherty accepted the role of Executive Chef at Duck & Waffle, London’s first 24-7 gourmet dining restaurant in 2012. He brings a rich and colourful past to the restaurant, and a rare zeal and vivacity manifested in the energy of his team and the flavours of his menu, which pays homage to classic British cookery. Challenging the way people think about food, he explains that as a chef, “there is no greater feeling than to watch someone eat and see a smile come across their face as they have this ‘aha moment.’ That’s what cooking is all about.” Doherty’s signature dishes include playful, ingredient-driven offerings such as the Foie Gras Crème Brûlée and fan-favourite, the Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut. Doherty reveals, “I’m inspired by various cultures and traditions, and the way they showcase ingredients in their truest form.” His culinary achievements have been honoured in the form of prestigious awards and accolades, including the title of “Rising Star Chef,” which he received at the 2013 Tatler Restaurant Awards, his acceptance into The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts as the youngest member to date in 2014 and being named one of London’s “1000 Most Influential People of 2014” in the Tastemaker category by the London Evening Standard.

His success since joining the Duck & Waffle team extends beyond the burners. Throughout 2013, Doherty was a weekly contributor to The Independent’s “Dish of the Day,” where he blogged about being a chef, the industry and latest trends. Doherty’s first cookbook, Duck & Waffle: Recipes and Stories, was released in the Autumn of 2014, featuring over 100 of his signature recipes and kitchen anecdotes. The cookbook has received unprecedented critical acclaim, landing a spot on Great British Food magazine’s “Book of the Year” lineup with other notable reviews in numerous publications, including The Times Magazine, which raved, “If you can’t make it to Duck & Waffle, you can still start the day in style with recipes from Doherty’s new cookbook.” In 2015, Doherty became Olive Magazine’s primary chef contributor. In this new role, Doherty pens recipes, answer questions from home chefs in an ‘Ask the Chef’ column and posts how-to videos on the publication’s website. 2015 also marked the launch of Chefs of Tomorrow, Doherty’s initiative to showcase and develop the talent of aspiring young chefs in the UK.

With Doherty at the helm at Duck & Waffle, the unparalleled view of London from the 40th floor has been a mere afterthought to the cuisine.

Silvia Neves

Silvia Neves, Portuguese born and raised at Douro Valley where she studied Culinary Arts. Silvia started her path, by joining “Casa da Calçada” Michelin Starred restaurant, for an internship, moving then to work at “Le Meridien”, under Chef Vitor Matos, guidance.

She moved to London, where she completed a 2 year pastry course at Westminster College. She joined  Duck and Waffle in 2013 and has been driving the pastry offering ever since, using her classic training to create desserts with a Duck & Waffle spin.